Square Tube Joiners for 2 inch (50.8 x 50.8 x 1.6mm) square Tube

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                   Tube Joiners:  We manufacture, Elbows, T-Pieces , 3 Way Corners and 4 Way junctions in black ABS plastic.

                   These tube joiners are specifically  for 2 inch (2") 50.8 mm Stainless Steel square Tube with a wall thickness of 1.6mm.

                   Note that some hardware chains sell Fencing posts that have a larger radius, and thus not suitable.

                   Instead of welding and polishing each joint, the labour cost is significantly reduced by using

                   Square Tube Joiners to make your frame. We do not make any other size fittings.

                   Cut and de-bur  the tube, then simply hammer in the tube joiner for a professional looking frame.

                   These tube joiners can be used for the assembly of :


                             Machine framework and Guarding, Food processing benches and tables, Racking and Shelving.


                             Display shelving, Racking and Tables  , Stainless Steel furniture with Glass tops. 


                             Real Estate signs , Awnings & Blinds.

                             Temporary Stage or elevated platform.(with chip board sheets on top)

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